Помойтесь — и вам станет хорошо.

I’m just curious, seriously, how many idiots will buy this, and not only use it on themselves, but they’ll try to convince their friends, give it to their kids, ignore the modern medicine and just believe that this soap/gel, that contains "prayer" & a bunch of other bullshit alike, will make them well again. This is something new that our company has stumbled upon yesterday. After a big laugh, we called in one of our top scientists from the lab and let him test it out (obviously in a scientific, not metaphorical way)… just to see, wtf is in this, really. His first opinion, apart from being not impressed with us wasting his time was: "…this is a jelly-based soap, the rest is just rubbish!", followed by a few insults their way.

So here we are, living in the 21st century, with computers, science & medicine improving at a rapid stage. General knowledge about hoaxes, money-grabbing scammers & people like John Edwards is also, apparently, on the rise. But companies like Circle of Life are producing this crap, people are buying it, and it’s a little worrying.

Apparently you can also consume it. Please, go for it, add it to your morning tea you stupid motherfucker. But as with my opinion about odnoklassniki.ru, if you are dumb enough to buy it, then you only have yourself to blame.