Cheap websites. Contatc Us

Around Sydney, mainly inner city, I’ve noticed these ads stuck on random poles. They have been hanging there for quite a while now, definitely over a month. No-one pays for the advertising space and no-one is taking them down.

What’s interesting is that usually, if you stick your ad on a pole like that — a day later it’s taken off and you may even get a fine (depending where). But here we have a bright yellow sign, stuck a little higher than usual — and we got free advertising! This only shows how lazy the people who are meant to be looking after this rubbish are. Yeah, they actually need to get a ladder and actually climb up to take it off. It’s a lot harder then to just drive, stop near a wall, get out of the car and rip down a poster.

The ad is for web-design, but they only provide a phone number. I won’t go into details about their work, but if you are really interested — I did call them. The company is called Crescentsoft (or Crescent Soft, they still haven’t decided) and you can view all their $599 worth of work right here:

See, free advertising! Again!