…we are sad to announce that we will be closing down.

What happens when that website you are relying on to do all those things you used to do manually closes down? All your notes, or all your expenses, your phone book or your photos. You have spent years updating it and keeping everything on track, you know exactly how much you spent this time last year on your food and you can find any idea you’ve ever thought of by typing in a couple of tags.

Today you get an email that the website is gone. Or worse, you visit the site and are faced with a note, that this website wasn’t really that profitable — sorry, we had to close it down.

Ohh well, shit happens — but we do tend to rely on some of these websites a little too much these days.

I was a bit shitty when Xmarks went out of business. Luckily someone (LastPass) bought them and made them even better. No such luck for some others, example (never used this site before): www.rudder.com. Also see screenshot below.

There are new startups almost every day. One looks (and seems to work) better then the other. Next step is seeing most of them fail and only a few hang around, hopefully the ones you have chosen to go with.

Вот придет день, и закроется какое-то говно, как например одноклассники.ру — и будете вы рыдать! Хотя сколько дебилов в этом мире, они никогда не перестанут покупать виртуальные цветочки — так что это наверно плохой пример.

Google (mis)presentations

Every time I watch presentations from Google — it’s a disgrace. The company has 20,000+ people employed there, can’t they find a couple of designers who can put together something worth looking at? Clip-art, stereotype images, uneven places, randomly cut corners — it’s as if secretary puts them together while eating her lunch.

This is one thing Apple always gets right (apart from a few others). Apple would never allow shit like what I got from Google’s online AdWords tutorial hit the public eye.


See attached

I hate the stupidity of people who send attachments such as .doc with a few lines of text in them. See attached? What is wrong with just pasting the text into the email body? Similar hate towards others, who send you images to use in their print artwork in a .doc, or worse — excel document. Burn in hell.

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На сайтах внизу всегда пишут год открытия компании (или проекта) и сегодняшний год, как-бы показать сколько лет вы уже на интернете и все еще обновляетесь.

Зачем писать, скажем, 2006—2010, и на следующий год автоматически оно станет 2006—2011. Вариант, писать: 2006—today.

Единственный минус тут, это то что слово today (сегодня) не все могут знать.


I can’t stand when I click on a link and it suddenly opens up in a new window as a .pdf. I hate it even more, when that link opens in the same window.

If you are inserting a .pdf file on your website, have some courtesy and let people know that, before we click on it. Insert an Adobe Acrobat icon, or even write something that will warn us — maybe we don’t want to download anything!

Cheap websites. Contatc Us

Around Sydney, mainly inner city, I’ve noticed these ads stuck on random poles. They have been hanging there for quite a while now, definitely over a month. No-one pays for the advertising space and no-one is taking them down.

What’s interesting is that usually, if you stick your ad on a pole like that — a day later it’s taken off and you may even get a fine (depending where). But here we have a bright yellow sign, stuck a little higher than usual — and we got free advertising! This only shows how lazy the people who are meant to be looking after this rubbish are. Yeah, they actually need to get a ladder and actually climb up to take it off. It’s a lot harder then to just drive, stop near a wall, get out of the car and rip down a poster.

The ad is for web-design, but they only provide a phone number. I won’t go into details about their work, but if you are really interested — I did call them. The company is called Crescentsoft (or Crescent Soft, they still haven’t decided) and you can view all their $599 worth of work right here: www.crescentsoft.com.au

See, free advertising! Again!

Australian domain name

В России — .ru
В Италии — .it
Во Франции — .fr
На Украине — .ua
В, бля, Зимбабве — .zw
А вот в Австралии — .com.au… и то, ограничено только тем, у кого свой бизнес.

Интересно, кто и куда забрал .au?


У каждой компании есть много email адресов. Например, для продавцов — [email protected]…, для Маши — [email protected]…, для бухгалтера — [email protected]… . А просто, для компании, общий адрес всегда придумывают [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] и т.д.

Почему нельзя сделать все просто, и написать [email protected]… . Все-таки это и есть ваш почтовый ящик, ваш email. Можно конечно еще сделать проще, [email protected]… но по английцки mail звучит как male, а male — мужик.

Не вижу смысла писать что либо другое. Люди привыкли к [email protected]… . Ну и хуй, отвыкнут.