back to school

A few days ago I went for a walk around UTS. In their toilets (library) they have the following sign. I liked it, but didn’t really get it.

I understand that in some Asian countries people stand on the toilet, instead of sitting on it. Of course the actual toilets there are different and lower. So, just in case an International student mixes things up — they made this sign.

But who in their right mind would hang a shit on the floor, next to the toilet? This must of been put there as a joke. Although, I do remember the public toilets back in Ukraine in the early 90s. You couldn’t actually walk inside of them, the toilets were broken and no-one ever cleaned them. You could locate the nearest toilet just by its smell, it was a heaven for local flies. People would come to the front entrance, take 1-2 steps forward, pull down their pants and do what they had to do, right there, on the floor. In that case, I do understand why that last sign is included.