This is one of those things where people send in random designs/ideas and an art director either insults the shit out of them, says how great they are or actually gives some proper feedback. Since this is a quite popular Russian website, they get many. I’ve sent a couple over the years and finally one got published.

I think this logo is crap. He says it’s great. Doesn’t change the fact that it reads as “Centra park” though.


Barbed wire VS syringe fence

Порезаться не все люди боятся. А вот порезаться и при этом подцепить какую либо болезнь — этого боятся все.

Колючая проволока остановит того, кто боится боли. Шприцы, в которых что-то уже тебя ждет, остановят почти любого. Никто не захочет рисковать — а вдруг там кровь и в ней гепатит, сифилис или СПИД? А вдруг кто-то с болезнью уже полез, попал на один из шприцов и теперь это перейдет мне? Когда перед тобой колючая проволока, такие мысли в голову не лезут — главное не сильно порезаться да и не застрять.

Aging nature

Количество годовых колец соответствует возрасту дерева, а морщин — возрасту человека.

***** на природе

When you are in a forest, it’s pretty easy to take a leak, as long as you are a dude.

For ladies, on the other hand, it’s a little harder. They usually end up walking far away, searching for a hidden enough place, always paranoid that someone will see them (not all, but most).

To hang a shit in the forest — that’s a challenge for any gender. Main issue, there is nothing to hide yourself with.

This is why, the next time you drive into the country, you should take along with you this sign. “Was uncomfortable” — “Became wonderful”. The sign could say something like “busy”.

Stick it into the ground in front of you and off you go! It can even be folded for easier travel.

Or, just use an umbrella.

…we are sad to announce that we will be closing down.

What happens when that website you are relying on to do all those things you used to do manually closes down? All your notes, or all your expenses, your phone book or your photos. You have spent years updating it and keeping everything on track, you know exactly how much you spent this time last year on your food and you can find any idea you’ve ever thought of by typing in a couple of tags.

Today you get an email that the website is gone. Or worse, you visit the site and are faced with a note, that this website wasn’t really that profitable — sorry, we had to close it down.

Ohh well, shit happens — but we do tend to rely on some of these websites a little too much these days.

I was a bit shitty when Xmarks went out of business. Luckily someone (LastPass) bought them and made them even better. No such luck for some others, example (never used this site before): www.rudder.com. Also see screenshot below.

There are new startups almost every day. One looks (and seems to work) better then the other. Next step is seeing most of them fail and only a few hang around, hopefully the ones you have chosen to go with.

Вот придет день, и закроется какое-то говно, как например одноклассники.ру — и будете вы рыдать! Хотя сколько дебилов в этом мире, они никогда не перестанут покупать виртуальные цветочки — так что это наверно плохой пример.

Sydney trains

I hardly ever catch trains (or any public transport), I have a car. Apart from that, trains tend to rarely stick to timetables, stop and stand inside a tunnel for 10+ minutes, get overfilled and the prices for them seem to grow faster then the petrol prices.

I remember once (of many) catching a train to Quakers Hill, this was about 8 years ago. There was a drunk in my carriage and all he wanted was to quietly puke somewhere. We still had the old trains then, the ones where you could actually open a window and get some fresh air. This guy didn’t care much about fresh air, he opened the window a little and started to slowly vomit through it. The people around him began to move into the next carriage, maybe they were worried that he’ll finish throwing up and get rowdy. I sat and watched. The train suddenly hits the breaks. The drunk, obviously not holding on to anything, falls to the floor and in the process pukes all over the window, the wall and himself. The man looked like a local drunk, so without a sign of embarrassment, he wipes his mouth with the shirt sleeve, grabs his no-less drunk wife by the hand and gets out at the next station.

Before the smell took over, I also decided to go into a different carriage.

So, I’ve noticed that now the trains got themselves these new handles. Well, they are new to me, but maybe they have been there for over a year. I like them. They look strong, stronger then the old ones that hung off a rope. The train came on time, got to my destination pretty quick, cost me $3.40 and took about 5-6 minutes.

Later today I’m catching a bus. Can’t wait to see what’s new there.