Cities embracing design

Melbourne has always been considered a more cultural, arty place (by most anyway). A designer-friendly city, with it’s relaxed café-like environment. As opposed to Sydney, a fast-paced labyrinth, more geared towards the commercial, business oriented persona.

Melbourne has the agIdeas and just recently the state of Victoria launched Design Matters. What do we have in NSW? I recently received an email from the Sydney based design event, Sydney Indesign. The only issue with that email was that the organisers (PowerHouse museum as it seems) decided to launch the event by doing something that designers (their main target market) despise and look down upon the most — crowdsourcing design contest.


An instant backlash through social media, blogs and forums, wasn’t that expected? The best would be the actual entries that they have received, which were mainly posters of protest against this whole idea of exploitation. I won’t be going into details why designers shouldn’t get themselves into design contests, there is enough on that written already. $1,000 prize, even that number itself is a joke.

The good news, and I would say this is mainly due to the negative publicity they have received — the contest was pulled off the website within about 1-2 days. Good job guys, let’s just all imagine that this never happened 🙂

A couple of examples of the entries, too bad I didn’t save them all.


The scent of Sydney (installation)

As part of UTS Master of Design course, we got involved with TEDxSydney. All the master students were to come up with some way to entertain the guests, get them involved or to simply make the whole TEDx experience a little TEDxy. After weeks of meetings, ideas, agreements and disagreements — we (well, Professor Lawrence) realised that the best thing for us to do was to create something on our own. He was right.

Took us a while to come up with the concept, which in the end was to create “the scent of Sydney”. Don’t even ask how we came up with the scent, but it smelled decent, people liked it and some were even excited enough to spray it around the house, when they go back to London.

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