A 10-minute photoshoot

Today was asked to post up a product update on social media. Content was quickly sent to me and I was left with a challenge of adding a photo. One of the issues is that it was a syringe and the medicine in the syringe by default was red in colour. On its own, it’ll look like a syringe filled with blood. But if it’s a few of them together — it will look like medicine.

So, let’s get started. We got about 10min for the whole job.

Step 1 Fill the syringes with food colouring. We could use the actual product – but there is no real need for that and this stuff isn’t cheap.



Step 2 Set up a product display. Something that looks “pretty”. This is where I often ask a girl’s opinion on it.



Step 3 Take a bunch of photos. Our setup included the following:

  • 2 x A3 sheets of paper. One for the “floor” and the other for the back “wall”
  • 1 table lamp with an extra bright white light bulb
  • 1 smart phone. Doesn’t matter which one, as long as the camera is decent

We then added a printed sheet with the company’s logo on it, a nice way to market both the company and product.



Step 4 Pick one photo that looks best. Clean it up a bit in Photoshop or whatever program you use. If you have limited access to editing software or doing everything from your phone — just use something like Snapseed, it’s a free app and does magic.



Step 5 Final step is to upload it to social media. Depending on where it’s going, use hashtags or keywords, but I’ll get into this in another post.


Foot or Food?

There are lots of normal people on websites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. And then there are those that like to take photos of their feet on the beach to show that they are on a holiday (or elsewhere) and others, or often actually the same people, who like to take a photo of everything they eat, food porn,… before they actually eat it.

Ok, everyone has their peeves, and I guess this is one of mine. In fact, a while back I’ve asked my friends to take photos of their food, after they have eaten it, and send it to me. Still a project in progress, but something I would like to take further.

Photo feet and food