Pick your language

The icon for picking a language on websites should appear in the shape of an actual tongue, not a flag. It only makes sense — you are picking your native tongue (язык).

For example:


I can’t stand when I click on a link and it suddenly opens up in a new window as a .pdf. I hate it even more, when that link opens in the same window.

If you are inserting a .pdf file on your website, have some courtesy and let people know that, before we click on it. Insert an Adobe Acrobat icon, or even write something that will warn us — maybe we don’t want to download anything!

Приятного аппетита

More on this will be coming at a later point.

Белая скатерть с говном и блевотиной на ней (printed). Красота!

Давно хочу такую скатерь для обеденного стола. Особенно хорошо кому-то в подарок.

Смысл? Убить аппетит. Вызвать рвоту. Тренеровка внутренего организма и рвотного рефлекса. Подъебать друга. Украсить бледный стол в рабочей столовой.

Картинки должны быть как можно более реалистичными, не так как тут.

Кстати попробуйте и найдите чистую, вез взяких ковров или скамеек фотку блевотины. Хрен! Надо самим будет делать!

Bon appétit!

Cheap websites. Contatc Us

Around Sydney, mainly inner city, I’ve noticed these ads stuck on random poles. They have been hanging there for quite a while now, definitely over a month. No-one pays for the advertising space and no-one is taking them down.

What’s interesting is that usually, if you stick your ad on a pole like that — a day later it’s taken off and you may even get a fine (depending where). But here we have a bright yellow sign, stuck a little higher than usual — and we got free advertising! This only shows how lazy the people who are meant to be looking after this rubbish are. Yeah, they actually need to get a ladder and actually climb up to take it off. It’s a lot harder then to just drive, stop near a wall, get out of the car and rip down a poster.

The ad is for web-design, but they only provide a phone number. I won’t go into details about their work, but if you are really interested — I did call them. The company is called Crescentsoft (or Crescent Soft, they still haven’t decided) and you can view all their $599 worth of work right here: www.crescentsoft.com.au

See, free advertising! Again!