Icon shortage

Is this too obvious or am I missing something, but why did Instagram (a Facebook product) just launch an Instagram Direct service, using an almost exact copy of a Gmail icon?

Gmail (left) vs Instagram (right)

gmail instagram

Surely, someone at Instagram would have picked up on that. Yes, it’s a different service, but both being such big names — I would think they would at least try a little harder than just rounding off the corners.

Reminds me a little of the Virgin and Telstra websites a few years back.

Full of agIdeas

Will I go next year? Probably. Is it too much like TED? Yes. Do some speakers need training in public speaking? Definitely. But overall, what did I think of the event? Worth the trip.

Some of the things that were mentioned over the 3 days:

  • sensitivity – use it with food, music, sound…
  • stop blaming arabs for everything
  • shoot in the rain
  • shoot square
  • “never trust your first ideas. they are too obvious to be inventive” – Heribert Birnbach
  • watch out for rolling projects
  • in digital design never ends
  • “motion graphics move when a designer can’t decide where to put them” – Ian Anderson
  • “don’t be a cunt all your life” – Ian Anderson
  • something about 666 and technology is the devil
  • taking risks with people builds intense loyalty
  • “you cannot discover a new world with an old map” – Andy Stalman
  • hug strangers
  • write all over your body and walk around the streets. and look up
  • big balls or big ears. take it as you like
  • “trend and genuine creativity exclude each other” – Heribert Birnbach

Also, took some photos. With my phone.

Beams Arts Festival — final presentation

The branding for the upcoming Beams Festival is done. Together with our small team of UTS Master of Design students, we have designed something people seemed to be quite happy with. Well, lots of wine could of also played a role in this, but sometimes a bit of wine (even better vodka) does help.

All the people involved in the design are named (click to view the larger version). Lawrence is the professor who runs our studio (and knows MANY people in the industry it seems). This is how we got this gig in the first place. Ian just arrived back to Australia from Germany, has years of experience under his sleeve and basically lead us in the right direction, made us think (so to say). We learned (and learning) quite a lot from him.

The rest of the people are from all over the place. Sydney City Council, Chippendale Creative Precinct, art galleries, design and marketing firms, hotels and who knows what else. They were cool.

Well, this is the logo. It’s not really meant to be shown inside a rectangular box, the background is meant to be all black — but that would mean I need to change the background of this whole post to black. Not going to happen.

There was a lot more to this, but we probably shouldn’t reveal it just yet. Just try and get to Chippendale in Sydney on the 22 September 2012. More info will eventually appear on their site.