I love cork boards. It’s a shame that in most cases, the cork boards you find in shops are not made of natural cork, but from recycled paper boards. To be more specific, take your brown packing box, rip off one of it’s sides, stick a thin layer of cork-like sticker on it — and there you have it. The next time you buy one of those from Officeworks or something, pull it apart and take a look.

As long as it does the job, who really gives a shit? And all those recycle-reuse lovers are now smiling. Yeah, it might not last for years like the real ones, but personally, it’s rarely that I keep mine in it’s frame anyway. I usually buy a large one and cut it to fit whatever space I need. Suddenly — it becomes a lot more useful. I got mine stuck just under my shelves, in a way creating a wall next to and behind my computer monitor. What else would you use that space for? Post-it notes? Cork does it better. And keeps me organised, sort of.