Full of agIdeas

Will I go next year? Probably. Is it too much like TED? Yes. Do some speakers need training in public speaking? Definitely. But overall, what did I think of the event? Worth the trip.

Some of the things that were mentioned over the 3 days:

  • sensitivity – use it with food, music, sound…
  • stop blaming arabs for everything
  • shoot in the rain
  • shoot square
  • “never trust your first ideas. they are too obvious to be inventive” – Heribert Birnbach
  • watch out for rolling projects
  • in digital design never ends
  • “motion graphics move when a designer can’t decide where to put them” – Ian Anderson
  • “don’t be a cunt all your life” – Ian Anderson
  • something about 666 and technology is the devil
  • taking risks with people builds intense loyalty
  • “you cannot discover a new world with an old map” – Andy Stalman
  • hug strangers
  • write all over your body and walk around the streets. and look up
  • big balls or big ears. take it as you like
  • “trend and genuine creativity exclude each other” – Heribert Birnbach

Also, took some photos. With my phone.